3 Ways to Get Any Interviewer To Like You

3 Ways to Get Any Interviewer To Like You




Rapport is often an undervalued skill in the job interview. But if an employer respects your experience, skills and qualities as well as liking you as a person, the likelihood of achieving a successful job offer is ten fold.

Increasing likeability is easy and takes a little bit of psychology. Today you will learn 3 simple techniques to increase likeability in the job interview



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Get The Interviewer To Like You – Tip 1


People like to be praised. If you make the interviewer, through positive praise, feel good about themselves, they will like you more.

At the interview start discuss a project that the interviewer was part off and subtly praise his work. To boost this rapport ask questions about their process and achievements, if you can get the interviewer talking happily about a positive and successful experience, they will unconsciously associate the positive emotions to you and your interview performance

Get The Interviewer To Like You – Tip 2


For internal promotional interviews you can use the rule off reciprocity. If you tell someone that you like them they will automatically like you more.

In a job interview this approach can seem overboard. Instead tell others who you know have the interviewers ear, how you respect him, believe in his work principles and how you like both his work style and persona. Once he hears how you like him, his liking for you will increase

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Get The Interviewer To Like You – Tip 3


Focus on the future. When an interviewer can imagine you being successful in the job interview their likeness for you will increase as all interviewers want to hire someone who can make a real difference.

When asked interview questions, keep your answers about past successes to a minimum and instead, discuss and explain how you will make a difference, in the future, in their company once they hire you.

Talk about how you WILL solve problems, achieve goals and increase profit.


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