4 Insightful Tips To Get Hired When You’re Over 40!

4 Insightful Tips To Get Hired When You’re Over 40!


As we get older, our skills and mindsets generally tend to get a little old-fashioned. This, along with several other reasons, is why companies don’t usually prefer hiring older candidates. While their reservations are not unfounded, it’s a pity if one is held back in their career due to their age.



Age discrimination, however, is just as dangerous and almost as nonsensical as the racial and gender kind. If you’re facing this situation or in fear of facing it, here’s how to bag a good job at the age of 40 or over:


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1. Show Your Tech Literacy

One of the major excuses employers give for not hiring older workers is that they’re not too good with technology. You know that you can learn all about the latest updates and social media trends. Hence, brush up on your knowledge and practices related to technology before you go in for that interview. Add your acquired skill to your resume, and show your potential employers that they’ve got nothing to worry about.



You should also consider starting a blog and publicize it as much as possible. Keep it updated so that those who interview you could see your technological know-how much more easily. To be an even bigger catch for your future employers, fill the blog with content that is connected to your field. For instance, if you are applying for a teaching job, have your blog full of the subject you are most interested in, as well as some posts on education in general.




2. Show Them How Advanced You Are

Being up to date on technological advancements is only one aspect of a job. Employers are looking for workers that are forward-thinking, innovative, and quick to think of new solutions. Show them that you’re a good candidate for such jobs by letting them know how open you are to the modern world. You can do this by being very active on social media, documenting your vast travels, and generally being creative. All this would come together to show how dynamic and exciting an addition you would be to your workplace of choice.


Keep in mind that it’s not just about your age, but also the generation you belong to. There’s a generation gap even between siblings who are less than a decade apart in age. Hence, you should have an open mind and be ready to take on new challenges and new ways of living without judgment.


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3. Eat Healthy And Exercise

Being first is not the end of the world, but you simply should not be eating like teenagers do. Your metabolism is slowing down, as well as other functions of your body. Acknowledge this part of your life, but then take the steps necessary for dealing with it. Older employees also prevent more health problems, which is actually a logical reason for employers preferring a younger age slot.

However, if you start leading a healthy lifestyle, you can show your potential employers that you’re not such a huge risk. A wheezing candidate for any job would make interviews and hiring agencies to think twice. On the other hand, an older person who looks to be in the best of health would not give rise to such worries.


You don’t have to make any drastic changes here or even break the bank to get a gym membership. However, running/walking every day, getting fresh air, doing yoga/Zumba, and eating right could do wonders in a month or so.


While older workers may face certain hurdles in getting a job, they can prove themselves worthy of the risk. In fact, most of the objections towards workers over 40 are baseless and unfair. We can’t change the system in the short term, but we can consider working around it.

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