47% Of Job Interviews Result In Mistaken Choices

47% Of Job Interviews Result In Mistaken Choices 


A recent post on Ottawa Business Journal gives psychological reasons why employers make big mistakes when recruiting new employees.



Recruitment is a costly business for many companies. Many employers have dedicated HR teams tasked with recruiting skilled employees with a focus on staff retention. But 47% of job interviews result in mistaken choices, with many new employees looking for new roles within 6-12 months off being hired.

Employers consistently look for new ways to recruit sustainable staff. Where most employers go wrong is when they focus the interview on the employees skills, where no effort is made by the employer to describe the job in terms of the temperament required. 

The employees temperament is key to long lasting employee relationships, as the relationship between the job or the work environment when defined can be matched to the employees character. This results in less stress and higher levels of motivation for employees.

Two errors occur in the Job Interview.  Employers will often recruit  people in their own image, wrongly believing that if all the staff are like me the business will boom.  Most companies need a balance of characters, specially for large organisations that need to recruit for various job roles.

The second error is hired wired in humans. We make snap judgements. Generally speaking interviews last for around 45 minutes, we delete, generalise and distort the interview to fit with our map of the world. IE if we instantly like someone we will imagine them doing well in the job,  even though they might not.

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