5 Things to Know if You are Interviewing with a ‘Future’ Bad Boss

5 Things to Know if You are Interviewing with a ‘Future’ Bad Boss



It is important to get a job. But it is equally important to know if you are going to be a right fit for the organization and how is going to be your future manager. Many people believe that a boss can actually break or make your career. He can identify your strengths and make you feel committed to the company.

How to know this? Well, this becomes easier when you are interviewing with your ‘future’ boss. Hence, while he is evaluating you as a good fit for his company and team, the following tips will help you to assess if you are interviewing a bad boss.

The following signs will allow you to spot him:


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1.      Intimidating body language


Body language speaks a lot about a person. Crossing legs on the table, too much pointing fingers, or looking down at you are some of the easiest indications of an intimidating boss. No one wants a boss who will not offer much scope for growth. If he doesn’t let you prove your point, checking your resume repeatedly, or not maintaining eye contact, these signs herald that he is going to be a boss who is not much confident about his position, and will leave a little scope of work freedom for you.


2.     Begins straight away with the interview questions


Talking ‘to-the-point’ is good. However, a formal greeting, introduction, and saying something in the context of the job interview are certain interview etiquettes that people expect. If he just starts shooting interview questions after a “Good Morning”, be sure that he is a boss who is more interested in work only and not employees. So, asking for leaves, pay hike or promotions could be a challenge for you.


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3. Does not pay the needed attention


Taking out a suitable time to assess a job candidate is vital. Going out to attend phone calls, checking time frequently, reading mails are all the signs of disrespectful communication habits. He is impatient to listen to your thoughts and more often interrupts you to ask another question. He will be a difficult boss who is never going to take out time for you- for your queries or grievances.


4. Invading personal space


It is fine to know a bit about your background, your family, hobbies, or interests. However, if he is not respectful of your personal space, this is a red flag. He could be a boss who is less interested in work and more concerned about your personal matters.



5. His team behavior


When your interview is scheduled near his cabin, it is the time to observe his team behavior. If you find employees rushing to their seats when the boss is around, or avoid eye contact or any conversation with him, such a boss does not share a good working relationship with his team.

Though a bad boss cannot be the only reason to say NO to a job offer, however, knowing these signs can certainly help you to choose between two job offers.

Happy job hunting!


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