5 Ways To Influence The Job Interview

 5 Ways To Influence The Job Interview



One of the most important skills while interviewing a job candidate is doing proper assessment. The candidate’s resume may look fantastic to you as they must have made all the efforts to look their best on the big day but all candidates are equal up to this point. As an interviewer, it is up to you to use your special skills from this point onwards to determine whether or not the person in front of you is worth hiring.



There are generally a special set of advanced interviewing skills that can help you figure out if you’ve got the right man or woman for the job. If you are not too sure how to hire the most deserving candidate for the job post, then take a look at the following tips that can help you make a good decision:


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Observe The Candidate’s Emotional Condition

Go above and beyond the physical appearance of the person sitting in front of you. Does he or she look flustered or unprepared? Is he or she fidgety? Both these factors could indicate lack of experience or confidence. In contrast, a candidate who is confident, comfortable and relaxed most likely means that he is sure of himself and his skills. However, you need to be very careful of over-confidence. Any candidate who appears to be over-smart may just be using this as a facade to cover up for his lack of skills.

Candidate’s Eye Contact


It is generally believed that a liar will never look you in the eyes. In order to prove that they are honest, many liars will deliberately seek eye-contact to defy this belief. If you find that a candidate is trying to look you in the eyes, over and above what is normal, this could be a red flag. However, a truly honest person would also maintain the eye contact with you; this is where you have to go with your gut instincts and judge the person accordingly.



Look Out For The Pupils

Take a good look at the candidate’s pupils. Wide pupils indicate that they are interested, whereas the smaller ones indicate the lack of interest. The candidate generally cannot control pupil expansion and contraction, so you can generally rely on this method, unless they are suffering from an eye condition. Note, however, that it will fail you if the candidate has dark irises; since you will not be able to tell the pupils and the irises apart.

Test The Candidate By Remaining Silent

Use silence strategically in order to gauge the candidate’s response. After getting a response from the candidate, try to stay silent for a bit before moving on to the next question. If he or she appears uncomfortable, this is generally a sign of insecurity. A candidate who uses the opportunity to explain his or her points further or when a candidate inquires whether you require further explanation is generally a good bet.

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Watch Out For The Rapid Breathing

If the candidate is not suffering from a health condition, rapid breathing is yet another sign that he or she is not being entirely honest with the information being discussed in the interview. This generally means that you will need to perform a more thorough background check on the candidate or decide if it is even worth the trouble.



Most importantly, remember that these techniques are not entirely fool-proof. You need to use your own best judgment before reaching any conclusion about any candidate. Also remember that your judgment may go wrong at times.



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