6 Questions to Ask the Interviewer in a Job Interview

6 Questions to Ask the Interviewer in a Job Interview




The average job interview last around 45 minutes, during this period the interviewer will ask you around 10 sector related interview questions to determine if you the applicant have the required skills and experience deemed appropriate for the advertised position.

Most applicants fall into the common trap of simply answering a question before waiting for the next job interview question to be asked. The robotic way of acting in the job interview does you know favours, to influence the job interview you need ask the interviewer questions throughout the job interview

As you answer an interviewers question, finish by asking one of the 6 questions below creating a conversational job interview

Questions should not be randomly asked during the job interview instead wait for the perfect opportunity, asking questions that are relevant to the current topic, as this will create a good relationship between you and the job interviewer.





Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Questions to ask at the job interview 1. Company Growth

“as a specialist in X sector I was wondering if you have any future plans to develop into other niches?”

Questions to ask at the job interview 2. Check the Company Barriers

“What are the biggest challenges your employees face when working on X?”



Questions to ask at the job interview 3. Development Opportunities

“Do you encourage internal promotions and personal development?”

Questions to ask at the job interview 4. Checking Staff Retention

“It is good to hear that as a company you are keen to develop your workforce, does this have a positive effect on staff retention?”



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Questions to ask at the job interview 5. Employer Reflection


“If you could go back 12 months what would you do differently?”

Questions to ask at the job interview 6. Employing You


“If you recruited me, how would my skills and experience help you achieve your goals?”


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