How To Ace A Video Interview

How To Ace A Video Interview 


Online job interviews are more coming ever so popular with more large employers and recruitment agencies using a video platform as a time saving device in their recruitment process


However, video job interviews is a difficult task for any fresh recruit. There are several tips that you can implement to increase your chances of a job interview. Be warn the interview questions may be the same but how you communicate online differs from a face to face job interview  



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The Basics


We need to cover the basics.


Ok, check you have a good internet connection (you need both good upload and download speed)


Prepare your interview answers as you do with all job interviews. Not sure how to do this? Simply use the search engine of this site to find common asked interview questions (you can check this by sector)


You still need to dress appropriately and think about your USP your Unique Selling Point


Control the Environment 


The environment for the video job interview is key. It is easy for the interviewer to become distracted by your background, interruptions and poor internet quality   


You need to create a blank background. You can do this by panning the camera in on a wall you sit in front or by using a sheet to create a blank canvas


Ensure to tell your house mates not to enter the room (this seems obvious but is a common mistake) and turn of your phone


This is simple advice but this is key. A distracted interviewer doesn’t listen to your interview answer, which means you don’t get the job offer



Avoid Using An iPad or Skype on your Mobile Phone


Using iPad or camera phone can be a major mistake for a video interview. The small screen size of an iPad is considered too small to engage a candidate. Instead, you should use a LED monitor which is big enough to clearly show the foreground and background of the space of the candidate.

A good-sized screen will allow also you to thoroughly scrutinize the body language of the candidate which is important to analyze his behavior during the interview.

Pace Your Communication

When you practice this, and you do need to practice this technique. You need to talk twice as slow as you do in normal life and leave longer gaps between sentences.

A lot of communication is lost  on a video interview. Even though the interviewer can see on the screen a large percentage of body language, gestures and facial expression (all key non-verbal communication)  is lost or missed 

Due to this you need to increase your verbal communication. Watch your pace, speed, volume and increase your change of tonality, gaps in sentences and delete any “filler” words

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