Are you applying for any other jobs? Interview Question

Are you applying for any other jobs?” Interview Question


To answer the job interview question “are you applying for any other jobs?” you have to first show your skills and talents to make the employer want you and then use scarcity to increase desire.


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Job Interview Question: Are you applying for any other jobs?



Explanation of the Job Interview Question:

Of course you are, every interviewer knows you are looking for work and it’s highly unlikely that you only have one interview lined up. Explain why you are looking for other work and follow this up by telling the interviewer how much you want to work for their company. Employers like to offer jobs to people who will accept them and/or not leave after a couple of weeks for a better job offer. Why? Recruitment can cost companies around 33% of their profits!


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Example Interview Answer

“Yes, I am looking at other jobs in this industry as I know this is the type of work I will excel in. I have researched your company and feel this is the type of company I would really fit into”



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