Are you one of these 10 people who will never pass a job interview?

10 People Who Will Never Pass a Job Interview 

Employers often feedback that time and time again the same type of person is refused a job offer, even though job hunters now have access to a wide range of interview techniques through Employment E-Books, Interview Articles and Career Coaches. Don’t make the same mistake as others and come across at the job interview as one of these 10 people who will never secure a job offer:


  • Someone with poor personal appearance – no effort made with their appearance, interviewees have been known to turn up in jeans and t-shirts
  • Showing a lack of interest and enthusiasm – Yawning during interviews and answering questions with “yes” and “no” answers shows a lack of interest – you need to sound passionate and answer all interview questions with examples
  • Being late to the interview – again employers see this as a lack of interest and commitment
  • Discussing money throughout the interview – employers agree that people who over-emphasis on money are more likely to leave the job in the first couple of months leaving the employer with the job of re-recruiting
  • Criticising past employer – this is often seen as passing the blame onto someone else – you need to discuss what you did for self development: Interview Questions and Answers
  • Lack of confidence, lack of eye contact and showing nervousness – there are several techniques to help you prepare for an interview and to increase your interview confidence; a common mistake many interviewees make is failing to practice their interview questions  
  • Being a ‘Know-it’ all – the opposite to having a lack of confidence is being overconfident which can lead to you coming across as aggressive, employers look at which interviewee will fit in with the team and company environment
  • Asking no questions about the job – employers are looking for someone who is interested in their company and the job sector, this is because someone who is not interested will not work at the same level as someone who wants to make this job sector their career Interview Questions and Answers
  • Unable to sell themselves; poor voice (often to quite or to loud), poor diction, poor grammar on CV and Cover Letter and no evidence based interview answers: employers look and recruit people who have a career plan, job goals and can prove with evidence that they are the best person for the role. Interviewees need to understand what the employer’s essential criteria are and to discuss these points throughout the interview.
  • Having strong prejudices and opinions; you can often recognise when someone has a strong opinion or prejudice and I would add these strong opinions often come out during a job interview. When your opinions do not match that of the interviewer you will quickly lose rapport and any possibility of a job offer.

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