Can You Sell Yourself During an Interview?

Can You Sell Yourself During an Interview?


The interview is the step where the prospective employers get a chance to learn more about you, the job applicants. In theory, it’s a chance to present yourself, and hopefully increase your chance of getting hired. However, many interviewees enter the room thinking of the interview as a test, where they can possible “pass” or “fail”.



The fact is that, you need to perhaps think of it in a different way. The interview actually can be seen as a sale opportunity. The buyer is the employer, who is considering paying for your work. The seller is you, who is hoping to be able to sell your service. The product? That’s you. You, as a potential employee, is the product in question here. It’s not just about your skills and experience, those can easily be seen on your CV. It’s also about you as a person and how you may fit in the company culture. Knowing that, going into the interview, your main objective is to sell yourself, to persuade the interviewer that you are the best option for their company.



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Interview Packaging


In marketing and sales, everyone knows that packaging is a tremendously important factor that influences the purchasing decisions. That is why companies throw thousands of dollars in packaging design. That is why real estate agents stage the house before opening day. And that is why you need to make yourself presentable on this very important day.


As we often heard, dress for the job that you want. For most office job, business formal is the way to go with interviews.


More than the way you dress, the “packaging”, or your appearance also largely depends on how you carry yourself. You want to come off as a friendly, approachable person, but not without confident. Learn basic body language and gestures, such as how to properly shake hands or how to make eye contact during the conversation. Remember, interviewing is all about the first impression and attention to details will definitely pay off.



Know Your Best Selling Points


Ask any salesman about a product he is selling and you will get a detailed report on all the features and benefits. Similarly, in order to sell yourself, you need to know your strengths, or the selling points that you can use to entice your potential employers. Before the interview, take a moment to evaluate and select the biggest strengths that you want to present. It can be your great problem-solving skill, your creativity, or your ability to connect with others.


The most common mistake that people make is to confuse the selling points with their credentials and experience. Remember, your interviewer has already seen your resume. Therefore, there is no point of reading out your past experiences and degrees to them. The interviewer decides the questions, but it is you who decides the answer. Therefore, use any opportunity you get to highlight your strength.

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Know What Your Buyer is Looking For


Let’s say the sale staff is presenting to you a top-notch gaming laptop, but if you are just looking for something that can check emails and process simple spreadsheets, would you buy it? Of course not. No matter how good the product is, there will be no sales until the buyer decides that the product fits their needs.


Going in the interview, it’s important for you to know what the employer is looking for. What are the most important characteristics that would make a candidate successful in this position? And how do your skills, experience, and personality fit with these characteristics? Knowing the answers to these two questions, you can tailor your answers to demonstrate these characteristics.


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