How To Conduct A Video Interview Like An Expert?

How To Conduct A Video Interview Like An Expert?



The trend of conducting a video interview has become common in the corporate sector nowadays.Conducting a video interview, however, is a difficult task for any fresh HR professional.Nonetheless, it can be as manageable as a one-on-one interview with the right approach. Being a fresh HR professional, conducting a video interview in a professional way is one of your biggest challenges.


This write-up seeks to help the HR professionals who have a video interview lined up in the schedule and they don’t know the ways to go about it. In this article, they’ll find some effective tips and techniques for conducting a video interview successfully.


Without further ado, let’s drill down some of the ways HR professionals can conduct a video interview like an expert:


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Set Your Goals


No task is fruitful unless you set the goals for it and the same goes for conducting a video interview. Therefore, you first need to set the goals of your interview according to the hiring policy of your organization.

Once you do it successfully, you will be able to identify the right person who fits the job position and align with thepolicy of your organization.


Research About the Candidate


Before you conduct a video interview with a candidate, you should first find some information about the person. This will help you prepare your question list based on the personality, academic background and professional experience of the candidate.

Since the job history of the majority of the professionals is available on the LinkedIn, you can easily jot down the most critical details about career profile of a candidate and use them as cues while you engage in the Q & A session.


Ensure That You Have A Seamless Internet Connection


The internet connection is one of the many things that you must consider prior to conducting a video interview.You need to make sure that your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted.

In this way, you’ll be able to converse with the candidate without irritating yourself due to internet downtime or interrupted network coverage.


Dress Up Like a True Professional


Having a video chat does not imply that you overlook your attire. In fact, it makes it ever more important to dress properly during a video interview and show your true professionalism. Therefore, it is advisable to comply with the dress code of the company and convey the same instructions to the prospective candidate.



Keep The Distractions At Bay


Distractions are one the biggest turn off when you are engaged in a video interview. It not only diverts your attention but also puts your focus away from important parts of the interview. Therefore, it is important to get rid of things that might interrupt your interaction with the candidate, such as cell phone, squeaky sounds, or any flashy images in the vicinity of the interview room.


Avoid Using An iPad


Using iPad can be a major mistake for a video interview. The small screen size of an iPad is considered too small to engage a candidate. Instead, you should use a LED monitor which is big enough to clearly show the foreground and background of the space of the candidate.

A good-sized screen will allow also you to thoroughly scrutinize the body language of the candidate which is important to analyze his behavior during the interview.

The aforementioned are some of the expert tips on conducting a video interview as an HR professional. Hope they serve you as guiding principles for your next hiring appointment and help you find the best candidate for a job.

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