Does Your On-line Story Affect Your Interview

Does Your On-line Story Affect Your Interview 


Your online story creates your personal brand. We are all aware that the interview is designed for the interviewee to sell your unique selling point, but in this digital age the employer has the advantage of checking your story online.

influence the interview

You may at the interview create a professional persona, impressing the interviewer. The interviewer, ready to offer you the position, makes one final online check only to fine your face book page full of photos of you out drinking and partying and your status updates recording how you feel to hung-over to go into work today.

With this in mind the digital job hunter can support their cause by creating an online brand. Your online brand can be the difference between a high salary job offer and the unemployment line, imagine your unique selling point is writing winning tenders on a contractual basis.

The employer investigating you online, finds your linked-in profile recording the extensive list of recognised employers you have successfully worked for,  twitter updates stating the bids and tenders you have won, showing a timeline of your work and your face book wall creates a professional image of you with updates about your charity work and online references from happy customers and employers.

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