How to Ace the Job Interview

We all love a good story

When asked interview questions, don’t be tempted to answer your question as a list of achievements, as many interviewees do, use a story to sell yourself. Interviewers become bored of hearing list, while a story is intriguing and exciting, you can use a compelling story to build up suspense and make you, the main character, come out on top.  In your story highlight what you personally did to achieve a target or to complete a task. Add to the story, what others thought about you “My Manager said that I was the only one to…” use numbers and percentages to sell yourself “I had a 95% success rate…”

Sell Yourself

Why do you buy certain products? The advertisement tells you how you can benefit from buying this product; they don’t discuss the products faults. You need to use this procedure during your interview, explain how you will benefit the company and what you have to offer. Don’t discuss your faults and answer any potential negative questions with a positive answer.

When to ask questions

Many job hunters think that employers have an unwritten rule and we can only ask questions at the end of the interview – this is not true. By the end of the interview, with some questions you wanted to ask, the interview has moved on so much, that your questions can seem pointless. Ask your questions throughout the interview, this will show you have confidence and allows the interview to turn, naturally into an employment conversation rather then a set of questions and answers.

Influence the Interviewer

Use a career coach to help you understand how body language, hand shaking, language patterns and mirroring can influence your interviewer. You can quickly learn how to gain instant rapport with an interview and how matching body language and verbal language can make a positive impact on your interview outcome. Everything you need to know about influencing the employer is in the Secrets of Employment e-book.

Do you Job Hop or Have Gaps in your Employment History?

Are you a job hopper? Or do you have big gaps in your employment history? Employers are more interested in how productive you are, again use a story that sells your strengths and don’t ever apologies, as this will weaken your interview answers. What ever you have undertaken, several jobs, gap year, volunteering, education – talk about what you have learnt and achieved form this experience.   

Be an Industry Expert

To give the interviewer confidence in your knowledge and ability, become an industry expert. This is good for two reasons, the first, by being an industry expert you will fully understand the industry and will be able to answer questions confidently. Second, an industry expert will know which company won the new contracts and which employers are best to work for; this will help you choice the employer you feel would suit your working personality.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Don’t struggle to answer questions, by thinking about the answers on the spot, think about the job role you are applying for; what would your duties be in this new role? What skills and qualities do you need to complete your daily task? Your interview questions will be based on these answers, from this you can predict what you will be asked and prepare your answers. Many people use an interview coach to help them prepare for the interview and to complete mock interviews.

Think about the type of interview you have to attend and what, if any task or presentations you will have to complete. Not all interviews rely on just a one to one interview question and answer session. Learn what type of interviews you may have to attend and how to overcome interview fears.

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