How to be Confident in an Interview

How to be Confident in an Interview


Job interviews fall in to the top ten categories for situations that intimidate you, make you nervous and situations that knock the confidence out of you.  Why? Because we have to sell ourselves to the employer, for many this is a new and highly intimidating time. For your job interview to go well you have to make you the product stand out from the other interviewees, to do this you need to ooze confidence.

These 5 tips will help you boost your confidence before your next interview giving you the winning edge over other interviewees.

  • Buy new interview clothes, we all feel better and more confident when were wearing something new and smart. Once dressed stand in front of the mirror and look at and note everything that looks good about you


  • Before your real interview, attend a fake job interview for a job you don’t want, use this experience to improve your interview skills. Look back and write a list of everything that went well for you and record a second list of what you can do to improve your chance of a job offer


  • Make a list with three headings; Skills, Qualities and Experiences. Under each heading record as many skills, qualities and experiences you possess that are required by the new employer. These are your key selling points that you need to discuss throughout the job interview


  • Complete an interview visualisation; imagine attending the job interview and everything goes as planned, you know the answers to the questions, you build rapport with the interview, you feel relaxed, calm and incomplete control. Go one step further and imagine you have been offered the job, see yourself working in this new organization, the boss appreciates your work ethic, your new colleagues respond well to your professionalism – imagine this is the job you have always wanted. This technique is used by professional athletes before Olympic events.


  • Before you step through the interview door, take 10 deep breaths, as this will allow you to relax. Once calm imagine you are a confident person, stand how a confident you would stand, hold your head up high and push your chest out a little and walk in, as a confident you would walk – own the interview


These 5 easy to complete techniques can make a real difference with your interview success as interviewers only want to employee confident employees. If you’re still worried about being a bag of nerves at your next job interview, you can boost your confidence while reducing your negative self esteem in just one day by learning how to be as confident as a comedian.


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