How To Build a Positive Relationship With Your Interviewer in Minutes

How To Build a Positive Relationship With Your Interviewer in Minutes  


A positive relationship is key to a successful relationship


The problem, of course, is you only have a few minutes to get the employer to like you. The interviewers perspective of you is key, because all of your following answers will be filtered through your recently built, positive or negative, relationship.


These 3 steps will help create a positive relationship with your interviewer, within minutes of walking into the interview room


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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The Power of a Smile


The first step is so simple its stupid. But the fact is that most interviewees aren’t relaxed enough to smile.


A smile is powerful because of 3 reasons. The first is that you look confident and friendly when you smile – your smile is your best feature. When you smile, due to mirror neurons, the interviewer will feel the same happy emotions they would feel if they were smiling themselves.


Secondly, when you smile you come across as approachable and trustworthy; this allows the interviewer to open up to you because they feel relaxed in your presence.


Thirdly. It has been proven that you are seen as more attractive when you smile. And it’s also been proven that you are more likely to be offered the position is the interviewer finds you attractive.




Engage the Interviewer 


At the interviewer start, ask the interviewer questions, ideally about them-self.


This is easier then it seems, you simply at the interview start make small talk. You can ask about the amount of interviews they have planned on that day, you can follow this by asking what they are going to do that night to relax? Its at this point that you need to ask questions and show interest in the interviewers answers.


Naturally, we love to be the focus of attention. We also love the people who show us this attention and will want to be around them more often.


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Address the Interviewer By Name 


Like the first step, this third suggestion is really easy to implement and helps to influence the interviewer.


People respond better to people who use their name. Using the interviewers name shows that you are interested, you have remembered their name and it helps to create a bond between the two of you. Psychologically speaking, the interviewer will like you more if you both share a similar sounding name. This same natural likability factor works with anything you have in common; name, went to the same school, follow the same sports team, live in the same district when you were young

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