How to Con the Interveiwer and Get Away With It

How to Con the Interviewer and Get Away With It


To con the job interviewer (well anyone really) you need to promise them something of great benefit. In the job interview this is how you will double there profit, decrease overheads or gain them millions of pounds in new business. The bigger the benefit the better.


In the job interview stress how easy it is for you, the star employee, to achieve this. Explain how this system is something you successful implemented in your last organisation. Explain how the cost for this system is low or none at all, it’s about the knowledge or contacts that you have, that you are happy to share with them


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Sweep aside the Skeptics

Depending on how you frame the “Great Bennett”  some employers will be skeptic.


You need to get the interviewer to commit to you. When someone commits to you, even if this commitment is only a small commitment they are psychologically more likely to commit to something bigger.   In the interview you ask the skeptic interviewer that if were able to double their profits would they recruit you? Every interviewer will answer yes to this.


Sweeten the pot. Share a piece of advice, a contact or something that shows that you have something that would benefit the organisation. This will create interest and desire



Create Positive Visualizations 


Ask how if you were to be successful in the job interview and if you were to implement your success strategy how would this benefit the company? Get the interviewer to imagine you both collaborating together and get them to imagine how your strategy/contacts along with what the organisation is currently doing  would together take their profits to the next level


The more you influence the interviewer to imagine you and them being successful the more they will buy into you. At this stage you many want to return to the commitment stage, offering a few more sweeteners


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Create Desire


The interviewer now, will be imagining how they will benefit from you being hired. Not only will they want to recruit you they will want you on their team.


You will hear the language the interviewer subconsciously uses go from the language of a skeptic to the language of desire. They will want to offer you the job on the spot, but employment law won’t allow this. To keep the flame burning once you leave the interview, explain that you have already been offer another job that you are highly interested in.


Scarcity is a massive motivational pull, as people always want what they cant have. If the employer see’s massive value in you but then realises that a competitor make snatch you up, their desire for you will triple. Not only will you be offered the position, you will now be in a strong position to negotiate a high salary.

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