How To Influence The Interviewers Thoughts

How To Influence The Interviewers Thoughts


Influencing others is an important skill to have especially in a job interview. Being able to persuade people with words can have a massive impact on the outcome of the job interview.



What you say in the job interview creates a picture in the interviewers mind, this internal image feeds the interviewer emotional response and it is that emotional response, that gut feeling that has a direct impact on the interview outcome.


Even two sentences with the same meaning can create different responses. The key here is to pick your words carefully.


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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The Glass is Half Full or Half Empty


This common saying makes my point clear. The glass of imagine water holds the same volume of liquid, but they way you phrase the quantity of water creates a different perspective.


When answering your interview question you need to frame your interview answers in the positive. Imagine you tell the employer that you worked at X organisation, the employer looks disgusted and says “isn’t everyone who works there lazy?” you can easily reframe this responce by responding with “yes, that why i want to work for an organisation like yours where you value hard workers like me”  



Using Pain to Create Desire 


A big mistake most interviewees make in the interview is not creating a painful story


Because you are selling yourself, you, the interviewee, believe that you have to state everything in the positive. In most situations you do. But when asked to give an example, stay away from the temptation to explain how you did X with success.


Have you ever been to a movie and the whole film was positive? The story line simply being the good things that happens to the main character? No, because people like suspense, we want to be taken on a journey, even though we know the film will have a good ending, we still want to hear about heartache, the problems – we like suspense


For your interview answer to influence, to have a bigger impact tell a story. Explain the problem that you were face with and the consequences if you fail. Build suspense, even lower your tone. Create a story of pain, before you, the superhero of story comes to rescue and saves the day.



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Pick Power Words


Tell me about yourself? This common asked question can either persuade or put off the employer.


The words you choose to use to describe yourself will positively or negatively influence the interviewee, even when the meaning of the word is the same. This is because all words have a different levels of emotional intensity


Say these words out loud and notice how they make you feel different even though the meaning of the word is the same;


  • Im a good team player or im an excellent team player
  • I try my best or i put my all into everything I do
  • dedicated or loyal 
  • responsible or follow rules 
  • goal setter or goal achiever 
  • ideas or innovative 
  • enjoy or passionate 

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