How to live your employment dreams in London

How to live your employment dreams in London

This weeks guest blog is written by Jose Capelo


To many, London is like a mecca for people hoping to find a well-paid job. But, unlike in more parochial towns or cities, the market is fiercer than a spike-covered bear pit in the middle of a volcano – and that’s pretty fierce.


Indeed, for the top positions, you’re going to have to jostle with a lot of movers and shakers who’ll happily step on you as they climb to the top of this booming market, playing mind tricks for that important job interview.


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What you need is to become one of those movers and shakers. Here’s how.


Get a cabby’s knowledge


Down in the capital, taxi drivers are made to pass a test called “The Knowledge”, in which they must understand the routes and roads running through this complex city.


While you don’t quite need that in-depth skill, it is helpful to an employee if you understand how the city works, from the transport networks to the business practices.


This is especially handy for any job involving regular commutes around the city. After all, no one wants to be late for every meeting because they couldn’t negotiate the London Underground.


Dress like Gordon Gecko


Here’s a sage piece of advice – dress to impress in your first job interview, and dress how they dress on your call back. In a larger industry, the buildings usually scream wealth, and it’s up to you to raise your game to their level, from your clothing onwards.


Suits and ties or a minimalist dress are your best option. It’s been said before that people take a mere five seconds to decide whether they like you or not, so make that time count.



Know the right people


You know those movers and shakers mentioned in the second paragraph? The trick isn’t just becoming them – it’s knowing who they are and getting a helping hand from them. It’s the larger industries that are taking a skyward ascent at the moment. Finance and tax jobs London have, for instance, been finding renewed success, with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorising six new major firms in the past few months.


Some people were just born to network, schmoozing with people for 10 minute before leaving with a new job, a new home in Barbados and a company Ferrari. Get to know these people and you’ll find out the latest high-end opportunities with minimum fuss.


Just make sure they don’t get the job instead of you.


Bend your skills to fit the mould


It’s pretty frustrating when you’re staring at a job specification and finding that there are one or two gaps in your knowledge for what seems to be the perfect position. It’s like staring at the tastiest cake in the world only to find that you’re blocked from it by bulletproof Perspex glass.


But, provided you’re not outright lying, it’s fine to try and make your skills fit neatly into that job spec. Even if you are fitting a square peg into a round hole, you have to sell yourself at your optimal level. Puff yourself up and don’t be afraid to sell yourself.


And, once you’ve got a well-paying job, London will be your oyster.


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This weeks guest blog is written by Jose Capelo


Jose is the editor of Marketingquery with a real passion for all things digital. He enjoys writing about the latest Business trends and careers. Follow him@marketingquery


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