How to Pass Every Interview

How to Pass Every Interview


If you knew the secrets on how to pass every job interview, what would you do with this new information? How can knowing techniques to influence the interviewer’s discussion help you win your dream job? Go, back to those two questions and take your time answering them, imagine you could pass every job interview you went to, how would this feel, would it be exciting to know you can’t fail? As with everything nothing is free, how much would you pay to learn these secrets?

Today I will teach you how to pass every job interview, you do not have to pay with money, but you have to pay with time. It’s not about what I am about to tell you, It’s about how much time you will put in to learn and practice these extremely powerful techniques?

First you need to promise not to pass this article to anyone, don’t e-mail the article below to anyone or everybody will be using these secrets and I will have to write new persuasion techniques to influence interviewers.

Before we start, you need to know how to answer tricky interview questions, how to understand job requirements and how to predict interview questions, this e-book is expensive but from time to time we offer massive discounts so wait for a sale before you buy.

Essential Criteria

OK, here’s the first secret, if you can control the interview in a confident, calm and natural way you will walk out with job offers. Your attitude makes a difference in interviews, you can easily come across optimistic, professional with good rapport and I would add if you don’t know these basics I will shortly be adding more articles to the blog to help you, if you feel you cant wait, you may have interviews lined up, the Secrets of Employment has several confidence building techniques to help you.

Today though you will learn how to control the interview and influence the interviewer to offer you the job. By now you already have a good CV, Application Form and know how to find jobs, if didn’t you would not have several job interviews lined up. If you don’t have several job interviews lined up you need to learn The Secrets of Employment, or wait for several months before you start to gain offers for job interviews.

If you’re like me, you want a job now, so let’s get on with the technique…and teaching you how to pass job interviews.

OK, the fact of the matter is interviewers have a list of essential criteria in their mind, some employers want someone who will follow orders and procedures while other prefer someone who is creative and flexible, one manager may be looking for someone who can start many task at one time, while a second manager may be searching for someone who starts and completes each individual task before moving on to the next one. Some employers hold time keeping and meeting deadlines as a high value while other employers hold more value on the quality of the work rather then the deadline.

How will you know what your interviewer is looking for? I would add once you do know the employers essential criteria you have the key to the door of your new job offer, all you have to do is add the essential criteria to your interview answers.

Inside Information

Take control from the beginning, while most people go to an interview, give their name to the receptionist and sit down worrying about the coming interview, they are all missing a big opportunity – INSIDE INFORMATION!

When you give your name and sit down, make small talk with the receptionist “how long have you worked here?” “do you enjoy it here” and then ask “what is the manager like?” you start to learn the mangers likes and dislikes; the receptionist might respond with “the manger is great but you need to get your work in on time he’s a stickler for deadlines”

As you can see you are getting valuable information, when you’re asked questions in the interview, ensure you add your new information within your answers

Manager “tell me a little about yourself”

You “I have 5 years experience ..blah, blah, blah and I understand the importance of meeting deadlines” now you are talking in their language, the manger might if respond with a big smile saying “yes, I agree” extra interview points for you!

  • Find 3 pieces of useful intelligence from the receptionist that you can use in the interview to sell yourself.


 Ask, Listen and Repeat  

As you shake hands and introduce yourself to the interviewer, you will often be asked an opening question such as “did you find us OK?” or “how was your journey?” these are general questions designed to get you talking and to put you at ease before the real interview questions start.

As you answer, slip in your own question; “yes I found the building easy I came down yesterday so I new I would be on time I hate to be late for anything” (this has started to build up the picture of you meeting deadlines-remember the receptionist?) as you sit down at the desk, ask “have you been interviewing all day?”

After they have answered “yes” you can follow this up with “it must be hard trying to choose the right person (you could add a sneaky point at yourself here, as we have added an embedded command – more on that later) how do you know who to pick?”

The interviewer may say “I just have a gut feeling” if you leave a gap (don’t say anything) they might add, “I can tell when someone is…Essential Criteria” all you need to do now is repeat the essential criteria as part of one of your answers “One of my personal strengths is that I Essential Criteria”

So, basically all you do is Ask, Listen and Repeat – easy

Remember you need to be confident and have good rapport for this to work well and to go unnoticed.

The interviewer will often start by discussing the company history, duties and benefits, here is a great chance to ask more questions and listen for the skills, qualities and essential criteria the employer is looking for and then use these to answer the coming interview questions. Ask:

  • “How long has the company been in operation?”
  • “What is the company mission?”
  • “What type of person are you looking for?”
  • “Where do you see the company being in the next few years?”

These questions have to be put to the interviewer in such a way that it seems like a conversation not a question and answer session. You have to listen to what the interviewer says especially to the question “what type of person are you looking for?”  and use their replies to answer your questions.

I agree, it does sound easy doesn’t it? And I would add it is easy if you take some time to practise asking questions as part of a conversation with friends and family. As you know practice makes perfect, pick a certain “thing” you want to learn about a friend (maybe there routine to before going to work) and start a conversation asking questions to unpick the details; do they use the same routine everyday or prefer to have variety? etc


With this technique you can pass any interview without even preparing, even though I strongly recommend everyone prepares in advance for interviews. You first need to know the basics of answering interview questions and you need to feel confident in interviews.

For the technique to work ask the receptionist and interviewer questions, you can also find clues in the job advert and job specification. When asking question they should come across as a conversation not a question and answer session, remember the employer’s key essential criteria and add these to your answers.

Finally practice makes perfect, practice asking questions in family and friends (have a goal in mind) good luck with your future job interviews and career.

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