How to Persuade a Job Interviewer using 2 Pick-Up Artist Techniques

How to Persuade a Job Interviewer using 2 Pick-Up Artist Techniques


The night before you lye in bed, awake, thinking about the person you’re going to meet in the morning; what will they look like? How will they react to you? What will they say?  Will you make a fool off yourself? Will they want to meet you again?


The above situation is common for both a first date and a job interview. In actual fact the job interview is much like a first date, and interviewees need to prepare in the same way. Pick-up artist have a unique gift at picking up women, using sneaky tricks to ensure they get the women’s number on the first date. You can use these same techniques in the job interview to persuade the job interviewer to offer you the position.


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Likeability – it’s not good enough to just be nice. Clubs are full of nice people but not all of them get dates. At the interview, everyone will be acting their best and you need to stand out from the crowd. To get a date or to be offered a job, you need to add something extra, you need to be unique and interesting.


In the club you might choose to show a “target” how you can “read minds” – a standard pick up artist trick. In the opening question at the job interview “Can me a little about yourself?” you can stand out by sharing a secret, rather then just summarising your qualifications and experience, because EVERYONE will do this.


“In the last three organisations I have worked for, I turned their underperforming business on the blink of bankruptcy into highly profitable businesses and I’m happy to share the secret of how I do this with you today..” or hint at your unique selling point “The company I currently work for is going off in a different direction, which is the reason why I am here today. Many of the company clients are also looking to move to a new organisation due to recent policy changes, and I have a list of 67 clients who have personally agreed to follow me wherever I go..” The secret here is to create intrigue, get the date or the employer to want to know more about you, leave them with hundreds of questions “how did he do that?” “How much is he worth in terms of profit?” keep them guessing, become a mystery and be seen as a valuable asset.


Scarcity – we all want what we can’t have. The date and the employer have all the power. You introduced yourself to the girl at the bar, which means you like her. You applied for this position, which means you need this job. Take away their belief that they have you and you will take away their power.


The pick up artist after creating intrigue using the mind reading technique, will then walk away leaving the girl speechless, waiting for her to seek him out. Instead of complementing her, as he did through the mind reading technique, he will, instead make an offensive comment “is that an old dress you’re wearing?” Sounds crazy? You have seen this work hundreds of times, when girls go for the “bad boys.”


In the job interview, once the employer understands how valuable you are, you can start create scarcity “I been offered a couple of positions already this week, but I will only accept a position with a company that I believe is going to grow. I know your share prices have dropped over the past 12 months, my question is, what plans have you put in place to increase your share value so it is higher then it was 12 months ago?”


Remember this technique works because by this stage they are interested in you, they want you. Your either an interesting person (everyone is interested or amazed by someone who can mind read) or you will add value (value = profit) to the organisation. They have felt pleasure from your introduction, now you have given them pain. They will miss out on a date with you, or a competitive company will recruit you and take their profit. If they believe they will miss out on you, they will want you more.

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