How to Read The Interviewers Facial Expressions

How to Read The Interviewers Facial Expressions 


Interviewers are tricky places, and more often then not the interviewee does not know how their interview is going. Imagine you could read the interviewers micro facial expressions, so you knew if your answer was hitting the mark, imagine you could just by looking at the employer you knew if they liked you or not.

Micro expressions are hard to hide which means you will really know what the other person is thinking, just by looking at their face and this Article will teach you how to read the interviewers micro expressions and later you can participate in an interactive micro expression test yourself.

Micro expressions happen so quick and are so  instant that if you the micro reader blink you can miss them. This is why reading micro expressions is a key to understanding how someone really feels, as the subject often doesn’t know that they have made them – micro movements are made through unconscious movements of the muscles


How to Read Micro Expressions



1. Sadness – narrowed eyes, eyebrows together, down-pointed mouth, and a pulling up of the chin

2. Anger – lowered eyebrows, tense lips and eye lids and wrinkled forehead

3.  Contempt – single raised corner of the mouth, slight tightening of the eyelids (sneer)

4. Disgust – raising of upper lip, narrowed eyes, wrinkled nose and narrowed eye brows

5. Surprise – dropped jaw, relaxed lips and mouth, widened eyes and slightly raised eyelids and eyebrows

6.  Fear – eyes and mouth open rather widely, eyebrows raised and nostrils flared

7. Happiness – raising corner of lips and cheeks, narrowing eyes to produce “crow’s feet” on the outside of each eye


Tim Roth (above) Stars as Dr Cal Lightman in the hit series Lie to Me, a great show where Dr Lightman and his team tackle a weekly mystery by reading micro expressions, body language and verbal cues. A series well recommend by Employment King


To become an expert you need to practice, re-read the emotion explanations above and watch this facial expression video on YouTube Facial Expression Tutorial by Khappucino 

Go over this video a couple of times, to increase your facial reading abilities and then take a Micro Facial Reading Expression Test

How did you do? Remember the more you practice the better you will become and as with all mind/body/language reading you need to look for clusters and not to make judgments on single instances

If you want to learn more about Emotions and Facial Expression, learn from the master himself Paul Ekman, read his amazing book Emotions Revealed. Buy the Book Now by clicking the image below:

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