I Can’t Pass Interviews

This article is all about “limiting beliefs” and how you can quickly change them. A limiting belief is a belief you have that is holding you back or “limiting” you. If you truly believe you can’t pass interviews (maybe this belief is due to you not succeeding in your last two interviews), you never will. But the issue is not about your limiting belief it’s about how you can change this belief, would you be more likely to pass job interviews if you believed in yourself?

Once you believe you can’t do something, you mind will act like to you can’t; have you ever said to yourself “I can’t find my car keys” and no matter where you look you just can’t find them, you know you left them near by –but where? Then your partner comes over and say’s “there right in front of you, on the table” and you think, “But I checked the table 3 times”.

Your mind is a powerful tool and as you say to (or command) your mind “I can’t find my car keys” your mind wont let you find them, the same go’s when you say “I can’t pass interviews” your subconscious mind won’t let you pass the interview.

I agree, you also need to know how to answer interview questions and you need to learn how to sell yourself, and I would add if you believe in yourself you will be able to sell your strengths to the interviewer easily.

So, what is the limiting belief you want to change? Some examples my previous clients have given me include:

  • “I can’t pass interviews”
  • “No-one will ever employee me”  
  • “I’m rubbish when it comes to interviews”


Write down the belief you believe is limiting you.

Now if you can re-word this belief into a positive outcome, what would your new belief say?


  • “I can pass interviews if I practice answering interview questions”
  • “Employers will employee me once I tell them what I can offer their company”
  • “Each interview I attended has been better then the last”


Write down your new belief, I agree this can seem hard in the first few seconds, which means your new belief will be strong, once it pop’s into your head.

OK re-read both your first limiting belief and your new stronger belief, as you say the words in your head or even as you say them out loud, notice the different feelings and emotions running through your body.

You will agree that the new belief feels better, most will go as far as saying it feels great having this positive feeling running through there body starting in your stomach with a nice warm buzz that spreads all around your whole being.

For this new belief to replace the old unwanted belief, automatically, you first need to find a mirror. While looking at your reflection read your new strong belief to yourself out loud at least 3 times, whilst nodding your head (in a yes motion)

As you do this everyday for the next 3 days, you new positive belief will be anchored, giving you a new positive resource and belief.

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