Interview Advice

Interview Advice


Interviews are scary. For many the job interview can increase anxiousness to a point that the interview can become a phobia. I have worked with many interviewees who have the skills, experience and qualifications but can’t pass job interviews due to their anxiousness and low self esteem.

Don’t let interview fear limit your sucess, today you can learn how access confidence. In the interview book “the 73 rules for Influencing the interview – using pschology, NLP and hypnotic persuasion techniques”¬†you will how having confidence is the key to interview success. You will learn how use hypnotic language to hypnotise and manipulate the interviewer, but foremost you need the confidence to do this.

The best interview advice you can receive is how to gain instant confidence:

  • To gain instant interview confidence, I first want you to think about to a time you felt really confidence. Imagine you where there now, see this event from your eyes. Make the image big and bright, turn up the colour, increase the size of the file and turn up the volume. Become fully associated to this past confident experience, when you feel yourself becoming confident, squeeze your finger and thumb togther.
  • By squeezing your finger and thumb together you create an interview anchor. When you next attend a job interview, squeeze your finger and thumb together and you will automatically re-access the anchored confident feelings.
  • For full affect complete the visualisation 4-5 times each day for 3 days.

The next piece of interview advice I want to share with you is to become an industry expert> By coming across in the interview as an expert in your industry you will highly impress your interviewer as we all believe experts whcih means your employer will want to recruit you. To become an expert

  • Set up a google alert. You need to set up your google alert for “industry” news. As industry websites post web and blog articles you will be alerted to this by google, you can then use this information in your job interview making you sound highly knowledgeable in your industry

If you want to learn more about Influencing the interview, you will want to buy this new, exciting and powerful book: The 72 rules of influencing the interview – using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion.

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