Interview Coaching Online

Job Interview Coaching Online 


  • Do you FAIL every interview?
  • Are your interview nerves KILLING the job interview?
  • Can your WEAK interview answers be the barrier to your promotion?


If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then you need help. 

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Employment King offers Interview Coaching Sessions to help you increase jobs offers from job interviews.


  • Interview Answers that Work – learn how to predict interview questions, learn the 3 step structure for interview answers, so you excel with each interview questions and learn how to be seen as a valuable asset by any employer
  • Mock Interviews – Understand why you are failing job interviews, get feedback on individual job interview answers and take the a chance to practice your interview techniques with professional feedback
  • Interview Confidence – Increase interview confidence, decrease nerves and anxiety and feel powerful in the job interview 

You will learn


  • How to sell yourself in the job interview – stand out from the crowd, be seen as pure gold and learn the 3 step process for answering tricky interview questions 
  • How to create likability – build rapport from the interview start, create interview answers that will blow the interviewer away and be seen as an expert
  • How to make every interview answer count – learn the power of story telling in the job interview, create intrigue in the interview start and use psychology to be offered more jobs 


With many years of experience helping job searchers pass interviews, our interview coaches can help you gain more offers of employment:


  • Learn how to use sales psychology in the job interview
  • Learn how to structure the interview answer so every answer SELLs you
  • Become an industry expert – the key to big salaries
  • Understand how to use a “body languge” “motivational language” and “ persuasive languge” to influence the interviewer
  • Overcome your interview fears by using NLP techniques to boost your confidence


Interview Coaching Sessions


We offer Online Interview Coaching Sessions all around the world, all you need is a webcam and internet connection. Each online interview coaching session will last between 60-90 minutes


THIS MONTH get coached by the Expert Interview Coach and Author Chris Delaney. We offer evening and weekend sessions to fit around your working day.


STEP 1 – E-mail

STEP 2 – Choose a Date and Time

STEP 3 – Attend Your Online Interview Coaching Session


Interview Coaching Session Online

Was £160, Save 50% This Month 

Now Only £80

or 3 Sessions for £180



Interview Coaching Online


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Set Up Your Own Coaching Business 

The 73 Rules for Influencing the Job Interview 



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Interview questions and answers


Interview Preparation Resources


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Employment King offer;

  • Interview Coaching in Manchester
  • Career Advice in Manchester
  • Skype Interview Coaching
  • Interview Confidence Sessions in Manchester
  • Interview and Presentation Sessions in Manchester
  • Mock Interview Sessions in Manchester