Interview Handshakes

Interview Handshakes 


Shaking Hands:

You want to give an employer an equal handshake, you don’t want to dominate the interviewer and you don’t want to be seen as submissive, again these thoughts are always subconscious. If you ask an interviewer they will often say they make their mind up about someone after the interview. Research has proven this to be wrong.

If you shake hands with your palm facing upwards you will come across as submissive – From this we can see the origins of the phrase – “Giving someone the upper hand”.

If you shake hands with you palm facing downwards you come across as domineering or aggressive.

You need to shake hands with your palm facing sideways, as this will give an equal handshake.

If an employer walks towards you with their palm facing downwards (they want to dominate you) all you need to do is take their hand and clasp your other hand on the back of their hand and use this to gently turn their hand so that it faces sideways.
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