Interview Mentalist

Interview Mentalist 


This week Career explain how you can use mentalism and influencing techniques, like Derren Brown to Manipulate the Job Interview


Mentalism works because knowing the psychology of people allows you to influence them. We hard-wired to respond in certain ways to certain situations, this hard-wired system is designed to keep us safe by helping us to making quick decisions.  Certain questions and words generate particular emotions and embedded commands make people do your bidding without them knowing. Famously Derren Brown  highlighted this skill on one of his TV shows when he made members of the public pass him their wallet during a “general” street conversation.


recruitment interview


These same skills or tricks of the mind, can be used in the Job Interview. Employers can be easily manipulated, as they sit in the same chair all day, asking the same questions, listening to similar answers from all the interviewees. Half the time the interviewer is in a light trance, a hidden command sneaked into your interview answers can take the interviewers mind on a journey that makes you the interviewee stand out in their mind.


Many employers will say to there new employee “I just had a feeling about you.” Career Attraction this week uncover the dark secrets of how the mentalist interviewee can create this feeling of “want” this “desire to offer you the job” without the interviewer even being aware. These interview techniques are so sneaky that they should be illegal!!!!



Read the full article here and uncover the secrets of interview manipulation that we were to scared to print – click here: The Interview Mentalist How to Influence your Interview 
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