Interview Tips That Will Get You The Job Offer

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Interview Tips That Will Get You The Job Offer


You have a job interview looming. The first thing you do is research job interview tips. Here’s some advice, the best job interview tips are the job interview tips that will get you a job offer


Here a several job interview tips that have helped my clients be successful in a job interview.



Below you will can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Likability is Key to Interview Success



Most job interviewees focus on the interview questions and their answers. This is key but just as important is the way you are perceived by the job interview panel.


People who like you are more likely to hire you, especially when you have common ground.


Here a 3 tips that will get an interviewer to like you


  • complement the interviewer on their career achievements and business successes  
  • find a commonality – this works at a psychological level, use anything from a similar name to enjoying the same hobby. if someone sees themselves in you, their likeness for you will increase
  • Listen intently – people liked to be listen to (this shows that you like them)




Crete a Story


Stories are the most powerful of all job interview answers.


When asked a question, answer with a story. That the story with intrigue – explain what was going to go wrong and the negative outcome to this. Explain what you did (your answer – highlight your skill set and experience) and finally end your story with the positive outcome. What happened because you did what you did.


When telling stories use tonality, gestures and volume to bring the story to life. Stories have always been used throughout history to teach lessons. Teach your interviewer a lesson – that you are the best fit for the job





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