Interview Training Manchester

Interview Training Course Manchester


Do you know your employable, with tons of experience, qualifications and required skills – but for some unknown reason you cant secure job offers from job interviews. Competition for jobs is at an all time high, with thousands of people applying for the same position, which means you need to go above and beyond the interviewees by highlighting your added value, showing your expertise and using influencing techniques.

Advanced Interview Training Course

On the advanced interview training course you will learn how to use Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion techniques in the job interview, intrigued? You should just think about the hundreds of ways you can use these specialist techniques to command job offers. We are the only organisation who has took techniques from psychology, NLP and hypnosis and appliedĀ it to the job interview situation

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Interview Training Course

For those of you who have missed out due to the course popularity, or for those of you who need to learn how to use hypnosis, nlp, manipulation and persuasion in the job interview now, you can buy the book that has took the course content to the next level

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