Job Interview Books

Job Interview Books

The best selling Job Interview Book The 73 Rules for Influencing the interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques 


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Opening Book Paragraph 


You like millions of other people have bought this book, (or at the very least have deemed it interesting enough to pick up in a book shop) as you’re reading this introduction, you are feeling intrigued about how you can learn to influence the interview process using NLP, psychology and hypnotic persuasion techniques. This book does come with a warning; my mission is to help people like you secure more job offers, so many that you are able to take your pick from the endless list of employers who have been influenced to offer you a position, which means you will be learning some dark and secretive persuasion techniques.

Job hunters have never had it so hard, the recession has made it easy for the employer’s to have the power, this book will teach you the dark side of interview manipulation, giving you the power back. With fewer jobs around and competition at an all time high, you don’t just need to stand out at the interview – you need to influence the interviewer.

This book is unlike other interview books, many of these old style interview guides fail to add value to interviewee performance, describing tired techniques and advising the reader to do common sense things that most people would already do. There is little value to be drawn from a text that drones on about getting a good night’s sleep or answering questions with confidence, they are telling us what we must do but not what we actually need to do and how to do it!

This is why we have gone above and beyond all other interview books, as you will learn the secrets of influencing and persuading the job interview, these techniques can be dark and dangerous especially if you use the technique to turn other interviewees into nervous wrecks, but I would add these techniques will get you ahead of the game and as a result you will win more job offers.

I need at this point to reiterate that this book comes with a WARNING, the powerful techniques you are about to uncover are used successfully by master influencers, successful pick-up artists, powerful business leaders and notorious con artists.

You are probably already thinking about the hundreds of ways you can use hypnotic persuasion techniques during the job interview, so now we will look further. The techniques you are about to learn work as our mind is powerful but can be easily influenced – try this next exercise:


Read the Text Below Aloud.




London In The

The Summer Time



Were you one of the 99 out of a hundred people who fell for this little mind trick? Did you read the word THE twice? Read it it again! It says I Love London in The The Summer Time, did you spot the double use of the word IT as well?


This may be a simple mind trick but it is the process in this trick that we can use in job interviews to increase your job offers. We have uncovered the psychology of interviews and you will shortly be learning how to manipulate the employers’ unconscious, making them want to recruit you. We have taken the best from NLP, Psychology and Hypnotic Persuasion and broken it down to make it relevant to the job interview. The techniques are easy to learn, by following the step by step instructions ensuring you will perform at your very best at every job interview.


The book is a guide with 73 influential rules that you must follow to influence the interview; you can read the book from cover to cover or dip in and out of the sections that are most relevant to you, from the rules designed to give you Instant Confidence to rules that will teach you how to con the employer, so they believe your an Industry Expert. Others may desire to delve deeper, drawing on the techniques in the Dark Side of Sales Psychology and Hypnotic Language Pattern sections.


If you’re still in the book shop, reading this book you will want to buy it now as you will want to practice these powerful influencing techniques before your next job interview, because the recession has put a demand on all jobs, with over 300 candidates applying for each individual position! In addition as an extra bonus you can download our best selling interview question and answer e-book Tricky Questions Killer Answers – over 60 interview questions and answers for FREE, with this purchase.


We have crammed in so much expert knowledge that we want to share with you; you might ask why am I giving away so much information in one book? It is true that I could have created two books with this material and increased my profits, but my mission isn’t to have two bestselling books, my mission is to help you achieve the career success that you deserve. I have met thousands of job hunters just like you, who like you are talented, experienced and unemployed or stagnating in a job because they are scared of rejection or don’t yet know the 73 rules of interview influence.


Do you really want to stay in a job you hate? Do you want to be turned down from even more job applications? Do you like to feel like a failure? A reject? No, you don’t and you don’t deserve to. This book will change your future; imagine you could pass any job interview, while feeling confident and persuasive – The 73 Rules of Persuasion will give you a short cut to interview success, giving you the edge over other applicants by destroying the competition, while manipulating the interviewer.



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