Job Interview Course Manchester

Advanced Interview Techniques Training Course – course breakdown


The Advanced Interview Course is a One Course that teaches you how to use Psychology  NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion in the job interview. Click here for course dates 2013 and 2014 Advanced Job Interview Training Course

Interview course manchester

Course Content:


Using NLP to reduce fears and install confidence


  • Submodalities – changing the way you think about job interviews for ever 
  • Fast phobia technique – get rid of your interview nerves for ever 
  • Confidence building technique – be at your best at every job interview

Pre-interview preparation


  • Predicting the interview questions 
  • Industry expert tips – how to quickly become an expert 
  • Memory techniques for facts, figures and long lists of information

Rapport Building


  • Body language and reading signals 
  • Using the interviewers language patterns to gain likeness


Influencing and persuasion interview techniques


  • Understanding the employer’s essential criteria by asking them!
  • Gaining agreement on all your ideas 
  • Using yes sets and embedded commands to influence the interviewer 
  • Turning around an employer’s negative opinion of you 
  • Moving the interview in the direction you want it to go 
  • Using influential and persuasive interview language patterns

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