Job Interview Peak Performance

Job Interview Peak Performance

To be your best in the job interview you need to know how to control your emotions, to access your positive mental state and to be at your job interview peak performance. There are no two ways about it, if you are at your your peak mental state in the job interview you are more likely to be offered a job.


As an interview and confidence coach in Manchester I support people to access their peak state which has led to my interviewing coaching clients receiving more job offers.  Today I will share a technique I use with my clients to boost their mental performance prior to the job interview.


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Accessing Your Peak Performance


First decide which mental state would work best for you. For many confidence is the key emotion that I will allow them to be their best in the job interview. The technique that you will learnt is often used by athletes to access their peak performance prior to a game or event.


By following the simple steps below you can teach your mind to focus, increase confidence and to access its peak state.

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Step 1 – Choose the state you would like to access


Step 2 – In a seat, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths counting down on each out breath
Step 3 – Notice how each breath helps you to relax a little bit more
Step 4 –  Remember a time you felt at your best; you being confident, in the zone, at your peak, focused, or any state that will help you to be the best
Step 5 – With your eyes closed, replay this time in your minds eye; see what you can see, hear what you can hear and feel those same positive emotions

Step 6 – Replay this memory and this time, imagine being their seeing things from your own eyes, hearing the positive self talk and feeling the positive emotions at their peak
Step 7 – As you feel these emotions at the peak, start to spin the emotions, faster and stronger, stronger and faster until they double and triple in intensity
Step 8 – Now, take these feelings and imagine yourself in the future being positive before the job interview, being at your best in the job interview and spin these feelings stronger and faster, faster and stronger until you feel that you will get a job, that you will be successful, that you will be confident in the job interview
Step 9 – Repeat this exercise 3 times and notice how the strength of the emotion increases with every repeated go

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