Manchester Based Interview Coaching

Manchester Based Interview Coaching



The average time interviews spend preparing for the job interview and astonishing 30 minutes!


Passing a job interview has the potential to change your life as a new role can increase your salary, reduce stress, increase motivation and can be the catalyst to future promotions and job success. This is why career coaches are surprised by the lack of preparation job applicants complete for this potential life changing interview.


A strong interviewee will stand out form the crowd. They come across confident and charismatic, they answer question with a structured interview answer and each interview answer highlights a unique selling point – this is the secret to winning job offers  



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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 Need helping to pass your next job interview?



You can book a SKYPE Interview Coaching Session and/or a Mock Interview with an interview coach by e-mailing



  • Learn How to Structure Your Interview Answer
  • Interview Confidence Session – Boost Your Interview Confidence
  • Mock Interview – Practice and Prepare for Your Next Job Interview




 The Psychology of Job Interviews

Employment King also offers advanced interview techniques to help you stand out form the crowd. Sessions can include:


  • Use  psychology to  boost interviewer rapport
  • Uncover the secrets to interview sale techniques
  • Learn hypnotic language patterns that will increase desire in the interviewer



Interview questions and answers


  Interview Preparation Resources






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