Manchester Interview Coach Shares Expert Advice

Manchester Interview Coach Shares Expert Advice



Job interviews have a bad reputation


Everyone believes that the interviewer is out to get you, that each interview question has a hidden meaning. People wrongly believe that the interviewer will be looking down at you, searching for weaknesses and wanting, when they can, to trip you up, to catch you and to find fault with your answer.


In most interviews, the truth is, the interviewer wants to help and encourage you to give the best answer, they search for  strengths and ask question to uncover your skills and experience. The interviewer isn’t trying to trip you up , instead they have a desire to help you relax, to allow you to open up and to encouraging you to be yourself


As an interview coach I want to share my expertise to help you pass your next job interview



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Job Interview Advice 1


The interview is seen by some as a power play, with the interviewer being the stronger player, the one with all the power.


The problem with this common perspective is that you the interviewee we naturally feel weak , in this state you will never give the best answer, you will never sell yourself and you truly cant be you (key to any interview success)


To get the feeling of power back, which will help you to relax and act like you normally do, you need to, at the interview start is ask the interviewer questions.


It doesn’t matter what these questions are “have you been interviewing all day?” “what do you think of the weather today?” just ask questions as this will do two things. One it will get you in the flow of talking and when the interviewer answers, you will feel more relaxed. And two, you will come across as a confident person



Job Interview Advice 2


Describe how you feel


When asked an interview question it is really easy to fall into the logical answer game, where the interviewee gives only facts. There is a time and place for this type of answer in all job interviews, but you have to balance this out with an emotional answer.


Most employers recruit candidates based on that “gut feeling” and people know enthusiastic and passionate colleagues make the best workers. By expressing how positive you felt when you achieved X, you will make emotional connections with the interview panel, winning you some extra points


Interview questions and answers


Job Interview Advice 3

Give the employer a gift


I know this sounds weird, and I don’t mean a present or thank you card. Throughout the interview you need to show how you will add value to the organisation. When answering a key question give the interviewer a gift by sharing your expertise. This could be sharing a new sector tender opportunity, giving real advice on increasing profit/decreasing overheads – maybe you have a successful system that the employer could easily implement.


It doesn’t matter what the gift is, whats important is that the interviewer can see that you will add value to their organisation

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