Manchester Interview Coaching What To Expect

Manchester Interview Coaching What To Expect


More and more people hire an interview coach to increase their chances of securing more job offers. Ideally, a job seeker is best situated when offered 3 positions as this gives them a platform to negotiate terms or to choose the best company/position to accept.



The job process and job interview is changing due to ease of processing applications online at a click of a button. Employers receive more than the required number of applications and they need to ensure that there interview process results in the business recruiting the best matched applicant.


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You can book an interview coaching session and/or a Mock Interview with an interview coach by e-mailing




How Can A Manchester Interview Coach Help You?



First if you recieve interview offers but never get offered a position you need to do something different, as your current approach and interview answers are not working.


The first stage is for the interview coach to review your current process, the answers to the questions you are asked and how you sell and frame your key achievements and skills.


This is a time for you, the interviewee to reflect on your past interviews and look at how you can develop your interview skills. Key 3 areas the Manchester Interview Coach will look at is the structure of your answer, how you sell yourself and how you come across during a practice session.





You can learn an interview question and answer structures to follow. These structures create intrigue, sell your key skills, makes your interview answer relevant to the role and company and doesn’t, as many failed interviewees do allow you to waffle on and bore the interviewer.


Being able to follow the interview question structure is often key to being offered more positions.




Many interviewees fall into the trap of underselling themselves. You simply can’t be shy in the job interview situation. An interview coach will uncover your key strengths and will help to build a story around each skill to ensure that you are seen as a valuable asset to the company.




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A key part of learning is practising. Once you understand your unique selling point, how to structure the interview answer and how to really sell yourself without being seen as overconfident the interview coach will conduct a mock interview so you can put all you learnt into practice.


Many people simply “go with the flow” when it comes to the job interview but this strategy can only fail – which is why you are reading this article. As with any task, practice makes perfect. You need to prepare for your job interview and look at how you can be seen as a better employee then all the other applicants.


If you make it to the job interview stage the employers likes you. The interview coach will now teach you how to package yourself through your interview answers to ensure you, not your competitors, is offered the position





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