How to Prepare for a Job Interview Answer

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview Answer



The job interview isn’t the difficult process that everyone believes it is


In actual fact to pass a job interview all you need to learn is how to prepare your job interview answer (as you will have the essential skills, qualities required for the desired position)



By following a couple of steps you will blow away the competition and win more job offers


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Prepare Your Job Interview Answer Step 1



Use examples to give real evidence to your answer


Basically to win a job offer you simply need to state that you have the essential desired criteria. But stating that you have X, Y and Z maybe the logical (and most common used) approach but this rarely has any impact


This is because employers make job offer decisions based on their emotional association to the interviewee. For your job interview answers to have real impact, state you have the desired skill and then give an example of how you have used this to good effect


Remember stories, anecdotes and examples have a lasting impact of the job interviewer



Prepare Your Job Interview Answer Step 2


Talk about what the interviewer deems important


In the job interview it can be surprising that after a confident verbal delivery you don’t get offered the job. You had rapport, answered each question and   use stories but still you aren’t accepted – why?


The reason is that different people from the same industry deem different skills, work styles and priorities differently. If you talk about how you are a people person but the interviewer preferences systems more then you want hit the mark in the job interview.


You need to question the interviewer and find out what they deem important. This could be targets, growth, development, technology, finance, people, reputation, charity, processes, the list can go on. Once you know what the employer finds important you can add this to the your interview answer, giving it a bigger impact





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Prepare Your Job Interview Answer Step 3


Match your tone and facial expressions to your answers


People will often talk throughout the job interview, even give a good answer, but still they fail to pass the interview process


This is because a monotone voice and blank facial expressions detracts from your answer. Remember that most of your communication, around 60% is none verbal. Use tonality, volume and expression to answer the interview question with power




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