Rambling Kills Job Interview

Rambling Kills Job Interview


On a recent article on Boston.com, the Job Doc gives advice on Howe to Make it Pass the First Interview for Interviewees that Ramble.


Rambling is a sign of nerves and in the interview situation, a lack of preparation increase nervousness and lowers confidence.

Planning and preparation is the key. The Job Doc advises to make a list of questions that you expect to be asked. For an insight into the list of question you will be asked, read the job spec and turn each essential criteria into a question, and as The Job Doc advises write out the questions and practice them out loud. Writing and practicing the questions out loud uses all of your learning styles embedding the questions and your prepared answers into your subconscious.

Ramblers in the job interview can fall into the trap of talking too much, which can easily lead the interviewer to switching off in the first few minutes of the job interview. Good content that is well timed, engaging and that sells your skills and experience is what make a good response.


Listening is just as important as talking in the job interview. If you don’t listen because your nerves are making you waffle on, you may miss the point of the interview question which means your answer will be well off the mark. If you know what criteria the interview is questioning you about, you can deliver a key selling answer that highlights you meet this essential skill.


To read the full article and to hear the advice for the Job Doc click here: How Ramblers can Pass Job Interviews

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