Scaling Your Interview

Scaling Your Interview


Scaling is a technique taken from the ‘solution focus’ therapy and as you are about to learn they can be used as part of your interview preparation which means you can perform at your best at your next interview. Job




The following set of questions are simple which means they are highly effective, I often use the following scaling questions with all my interview coaching clients as they gain really positive results, seeing changes in just one session. By looking at your interview on a scale you have the advantage of visualising yourself from a different perspective, allowing you to find the solutions to your interview problems and barriers.


While answering the scaling questions, record your answers on the scaling sheet and review these once you have completed this exercise.


First print of the scale; on a scale of 1-10, think about your interview skills; your confidence, your answers, your preparation, the way you look, your voice, the handshake you give, the initial impression you make – everything that you do during the interview; with ten representing you at your best and one representing you at your worst, where on the scale are you today? Draw a circle around the number that represents you.


  • What is happening now for you to be that number?
  • Are you happy to stay at the number you are on today? Why?
  • Where would you realistically like to be before your next interview?
  • Have you ever been lower down the scale? (draw a circle around the number that represented you) How did you stop yourself going future down the scale?
  • Where were you on the scale at your last interview? (draw a circle around the number that represented you)
  • Have you ever been higher up the scale? (draw a circle around the number that represented you) What were you doing differently when you were higher up the scale?
  • What number higher up the scale would you like to be on? (draw a circle around the number that represented you)
  • How will you know when you have reached a higher number – what will be happening?


  • What do you need to do, research, practice to move up the scale?
  • What do you need to do, to move one more number higher up the scale?
  • What can stop you from sliding further down the scale?
  • What lessons have you learnt, that will be useful now from being further up or lower down the scale?
  • What else can help you move up the scale?



This is a great exercise to start your interview preparation that is easily learnt. Come back to the technique after each job interview and compare where you are on the scale compared to previous times. Many clients complete this exercise when they know they have had a bad interview, but I like to use the scale after a good interview this way I KNOW what I need to do to perform at my best.

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