The Interview Motivation Language Model

The Interview Motivation Language Model


We are all motivated and influenced differently. But imagine that you could learn how your interviewer was motivated during the interview. In this situation the interviewee could easily frame their interview answer so the language used could have a greater impact, increasing your chances of increased job offers.

Motivational Traits

Today you will learn about motivational traits; how to uncover the interviewer’s traits and how you can use this to influence the job interview outcome.



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Achieving Goals or Solving Problems

Each of us are either motivated by Achieving Goals or Solving Problems (the glass is half full or half empty) we either see a problem that needs to be solved or we see a goal that needs to be achieved. This perception is key to understanding your interviewers mind and their own motivational model.

A goal setter can easily be de-motivated when a team talk about the problems and issues they face. This is because we are all wired differently and in the interview situation, especially when the job offer comes down to the interviewers gut feeling about someone, understanding the interviewer’s motivational preference can secure you the job.


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To detect how your interviewer is motivated you need to listen to the language the interviewer uses; how they phrase their questions and answers.

Interviewers motivated by Achieving Goals will often use terminology that represents this trait; goal, achieve, attain, get, achieve.

Problem Solvers on the other hand use opposite jargon and phrases; avoid, exclude, away from, problem, recognise

Problem Solver – Example Interview Question “if you were given a last minute deadline, how would you solve the timing problem?”

Goal – Example Interview Question “if you were given a last minute deadline, what would you do to ensure you achieved the deadline goal?”

To ensure you use language that motivates your interviewer you need to phrase your interview answers in such away that they make a real impact on the interviewer. To achieve this, you need to speak their language. If they talk using goals or problem solving language you need to incorporate this same language in your interview answers.


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