The James Bond Interview Strategy

The James Bond Interview Strategy 



With the imminent release of the latest James Bond film “Spectre” we ask, how would James Bond use his secret service skills to influence the job interview and can you replicate the James Bond strategy in your next job interview?




Bond has psychological tendencies, he is manipulative, persuasive and  charismatic. Bond will do whatever it takes to achieve his mission and wouldn’t think twice about using these same tactics in the job interview.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Turn Your Emotions Off 


Bond to get what he wants takes advantage of others, sleeping with women for information, using his charm and influence to create likability with others, getting them to do what he wants them to do.


Manipulation is only achieved by turning your emotions off. Emotional people will feel sorry for the person they are manipulating and wont follow through with the persuasion. To persuade effectively your focus is on the end game, not the persons feelings.


In the job interview, Bond wouldn’t see the interviewer as anything more then  a target. His mission would be to charm the interviewer, creating deep rapport and likability. James would persuade the interviewer with charm, wit and  by telling the employer whatever they wanted to hear.


Bond would go as far as charming the interviewer with a winning smile or when called for, outlandish flirting. Confidence is the key to manipulation, and Bond oozes confidence and charisma – a winning formula. As an under cover agent, Bond would even play the spy game, creating a “cover” who has the experience and skills the employer desires.



Ask, Don’t Answer


In all the Bond films, Bond at one stage or another is caught by the bad guys. Before killing Bond, the baddies ask Bond questions, designed to reveal his secrets. Rather then simply answering questions, Bond ask his own questions, often uncovering the unsuspecting baddies plan to take over the world.


The same tactic adopted for the job interview works well. When asked questions relating to an experience or skill you don’t possess, you can simply deflect the question by answering a different unasked question, or even as Bond would do, you can simply exaggerate the truth or at the extreme, lie.


When answering questions, turn this on its head and expand your answer by questioning the interviewer, make them talk, create a flow in the interview as this allows the interviewer to open up, giving you secret insights into criteria the employer wants you to possess. Once these snippets of information are gleamed you can then add these to your next interview answer, impressing the employer.




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Create Visual Influence 


Bond doesn’t simply use words, a secret identity or cleverly answered interview answers to influence and manipulate the job interview, Bond also use visual stimulus. Bond, dressed in his tuxedo, polished black shoes and double cuffed shirts, looks like a well groomed model.


His every gesture, facial expression, stance, walk and eye contact ooze charm, confidence and charisma. Women and baddies both, on seeing James for the first time are influence by the way he holds himself, the tone of voice he chooses and his perfect eye contact.


Employers meeting you for the first time immediately make an impression about you within milliseconds of meeting you. Visually you need to look the part as this is the set up for the following manipulation of the job interviewer. Get this part right, the rest of the interview manipulation will come with ease, just as Bond always gets his man and wins the day.


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