Top 5 Telephonic Interview Bloopers to Avoid

Top 5 Telephonic Interview Bloopers to Avoid



Interviewing for a job, in-person or telephonic, is one of the most critical stages of job-hunting. Many of us experience stress and high anxiety. However, making interview mistakes in any form can make you pay for it!


Most of the companies prefer a telephonic interview, which is probably like a ‘mini job interview’ before the final ‘face-to-face’ interview. If all goes well, it paves the way for the final in-person interview.


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If you have an upcoming telephonic interview and you are still thinking how to crack it, understanding some of the common telephonic interview bloopers would help you to excel in it. These include:


Neglecting the importance of a right place for the interview


Most of us fail to understand the importance of a right environment for conducting a telephonic interview. Avoid a noisy location, in presence of friends, or while driving your car. Choosing your home or a private office cabin where no one disturbs you is a perfect place. When at home, avoid distractions like kids, other phone calls, TV, or your pet barking. Use a right phone connection with proper network. Take out sufficient time to attend the call and do not assume yourself that it will get over in ten minutes or so.


Treating it casually


Don’t think a phone interview to be just another casual ‘know you’ call. These are seriously taken by employers as a part of their screening process and choosing the best candidates for final interview. Never assume that you will get another call, as this might be your first and the last interview call from the company depending on your performance.



Lack of preparation


When you do not take this interview as real, the chances are high that you will lack in your preparation for the same. Like an ‘in-person’ interview, it is vital to prepare for a telephonic interview by researching about the company, job description, and practicing some common interview questions.


Not concentrating on your voice tone


Since you are not present in front of the interviewer, your voice is the only medium that will help you to send across a right impression. Make your pitch convey that you are interested, enthusiastic, and attentive to answer his questions. Speak clearly and slowly to convey your thoughts clearly. A right voice modulation is the key to overcome the disadvantage of absence of facial expressions, body language, and an eye contact.


Forget to keep application form handy


Keeping your resume, application form and other required details handy is required to answer any related questions quickly. Do not hassle your phone interview by remembering and looking for required details, such as previous salary, at the time of attending the call. Not doing so gives an impression that you have not prepared for the interview, and hence, you are not much interested!



Interview questions and answers


What to do then? Some important tips:

  • Do not drink, chew, or eat anything during the interview, as it might not sound pleasant while speaking.
  • Prepare some common questions such as reasons to leave the previous organization, what you know about the current company/role, what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  • Choose a location that has an appropriate background to avoid any distraction.
  • Keep resume details handy to waste any time.
  • Keep relevant questions ready to ask the interviewer at the end.
  • Avoid multi-tasking (no emails, chats, household work, etc. at the time of phone interview).

All the best!

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