7 Town Planner Interview Questions

Town Planer Interview Questions


To trick to passing any job interview is preparation, to prepare you need to know what questions you will be asked, once you know the job interview only then can you answer tricky interview questions. Below you find a list of Town Planner Interview Questions, once you have read each question, record your answer and memorise for your job interview.

  • Give me an example of when used communications effectively
  • What is knowledge on planning policies and procedures?
  • What does the government localism agenda mean for planning?
  • What was the most recent published planning policy?
  • What does the revoking of regional spatial strategies mean for the ability of the UK to meet house building targets?
  • What would you do if the IT systems crashed 30 minutes before an important client deadline?
  • What is your commitment your professional development?

To pass any job interview you first need to predict the job interview questions and prepare your interview answers; Tricky Question, Killer Answers

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