How to Use the Psychology of Attraction in a Job Interview

How to Use the Psychology of Attraction in a Job Interview 



Attraction isn’t simple physical attraction as confidence, perceived power and how you communicate creates a primal animal magnetism.


An interviewer may find you attractive (which increases the chance of being hired) but attraction can come in the form of wanting to work with an individual, being attracted by the contacts someone will bring to the organisation or being attracted to someones work ethic and personality.


The truth is, if you are seen as attractive in any form, you create desire and desire leads to job offers. Here are 3 ways to use the psychology of attraction to land a job offer



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Find the Interviewer Attractive 


We are pre-programmed to find people who find us attractive, attractive


A little flirt or flattery in the job interview can go a long way. We all like to be seen as attractive and when a stranger shows interest in you it feels good. This positive feeling is then associated to you the interviewee.


Play this card cleverly as this technique can go horrible wrong when taken to the extreme.



Attractive Body Language 


Your posture, gesture and body language create rapport, likability and attractiveness in the job interview environment.


Open body language, as well as playing with hair, open palms and a tilt of the neck is seen as attractive and says “i’m interested”


Confidence and confident posture is one of the easiest ways to create attraction. We are all attracted to confidence, we respond automatically to authority and we seek confirmation from experts. Most people are sheep, when we find a Sheppard we will follow their orders, this power doubles the attraction.


Throughout the job interview create a persona of power, become a master, authority and expert.



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Emotionally Attractive

When watching films and theater productions  we get carried away with the performance because they stir emotions inside of us. BY creating an emotional response with the interviewer they will sense a feeling of attraction to you.


To create an emotional attraction use emotional powered words, make points using stories (as stories create emotional pictures in the minds eye)  and encourage the interviewer to speak about successes.


When someone speaks or hears emotional content, this creates a feeling, it is this same positive feeling the becomes associated to you, creating job interview attraction.


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