Video Job Interviews Make You Look Stupid

Video Job Interviews Make You Look Stupid


A recent article on phys shares some insightful research on video job interviews


With companies such as Skype offering free video calls, many businesses are using interactive video messaging as a tool for interviewing job candidates. Despite the cost saving, companies and employees have to beware of the negative influence uncovered in research conducted by Greg Sears and Haiyan Zhang when they were PhD students at DeGroote.


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Candidates who were interviewed by video-conferencing were rated lower by interviewers and were less likely to be recommended for hiring. The researchers agree that video interviewing is a cost saving tool, and is highly useful in the initial sifting stage, but to gain an accurate picture of the candidate you still cant beat the good old face to face traditional job interview.

Read more on the research here at: How Video Interviews Will Kill Your Job Chances



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