3 Strategies for Coping with a Job You Hate

3 Strategies for Coping with a Job You Hate


Sometime you will find yourself in a job you hate, in these situations don’t be rash and hand in your resignation  before finding a career you love, first follow these 3 strategies for coping with a job you hate.


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1. Job Planning – by starting to plan for a new career you will feel you have a way out of the current job you hate, but it’s not good enough to just say I’m looking for a new job, you need to have a plan of action “I will see a career advisor on 12/12/12, I will apply for 5 jobs a week, etc. By having a plan of actions with dates you are much more likely to commit to them, as you start to see your success you will feel less stressed in your current position.


2. Reframe the Problem – when looking to get a new job because you don’t like your current role there is always a reason. Maybe there are rumours of redundancies, your manager maybe lazy and never does any work or maybe your asked by your boss to do extra work. This negative thinking can make you stressed and ill, which is not a good place to be in when your applying for new jobs. First write down what you don’t like about your job “lazy manager”, I’m asked to do all the work”, “I will have no income if I get made redundant” and then look at the positive to all these situations, by looking at the positives or by looking at the problems from a new perceptive will make you feel more positive and in control, and remember because your job hunting you not going to be there that long. Example reframes “the potential redundancies has given me to the push I need, I have already found 3 jobs I could apply for which pay a higher salary” “Being asked to take on more work shows me that my employer values my work” “my boss not doing any work is a sign that he doesn’t know what he is doing”


3. Killer Reference – Knowing you are going to leave is a great feeling, now you have made that decision you can go out with a bang. Pick a new project or task and put your all in to it, make it a real success. Your line manager is now highly impressed with your work ethic and skills. Once you hand in your notice, you will know that they gutted that you are leaving especially when they hear that a competitor has recruited you because you have been seen through your last project as a valuable employee. After trying to get you to stay, the only thing they can do now to show their appreciation for your hard work is to offer you a killer reference.

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