A Key Piece of Job Search Advice

A Key Piece of Job Search Advice 


I have worked with hundreds of people who originally struggled securing employment even though some of these professionals were experts in their industries. To key piece of advice to any job hunter is to TARGET your application, CV and Job Interview. It sounds simple, I know but so many job hunters fail to do this. They will have a general CV that they will tinker with before they apply. But what job hunters need to do in today’s competitive times is to really match the job criteria (from the job advert, company values and job specification) to the duties on their CV or the answers in there interview.

Often during the interview and on the job application, applicants and interviewees will often discuss and record irrelevant information that they feel is one of their key achievements, but if their potential new employer doesn’t deem this skill important then don’t mention it as the employer will not see it relevance. Remember research has shown that employers initially skim through CVs and applications, looking for the skills they require. The job interview is the same, you may be passionately talking about a past experience but the employer is sat there thinking “great but has that got to do with the role your applying for?”


Read the job spec and research the company values, from this you will be able to gather enough intelligence to really target your CV and stand out, winning more job offers.


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