Communication – The New UK Export

Communication – The New UK Export


Communication is the new export, with information, news and advice being sold worldwide often via the internet. A communication degree can open many doors for you, as part of your course you will specialise journalism, public relations, speech or advertising. Once qualified graduates can apply for positions in companies in all job sectors from retail to construction.


The barrier that older people face is that they don’t think they will secure work after their degree, wrongly believing that the younger graduate will be snapped up. This limiting belief is wrong and often comes from the belief that employers want to recruit a younger person as they will stay in the position for much longer, as the older applicant will retire a lot sooner then the younger counterpart.

The truth is, and employers are very aware of this, is that most employees work in one company on average for 3-5 years before jumping ship, with many career professionals changing careers 3 times in their life time. In fact if an employer is keen to recruit someone who is likely to stay with their company for 5 years + they are more likely to recruit the older graduate as research has shown that it is the older job hunter who will, once offered a position stay with that one company until he retires in 10, 15 or even 20 years. 

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