Do You Ned To Be Creative To Pass Future Job Interviews?

Do You Ned To Be Creative To Pass Future Job Interviews? 

Recently on Virgin they discuss the importance of creativity for future job searchers.


Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship will be soon seen as the most desirable skills required  by employers, Virgin explain. This is because employers understand that the digital age has a need for entrepreneurs. 


Inventions soon to come to light include paper thin phones that curl up when you receive a call and self-driving cars. STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) jobs are on the rise. Examples can be found now with innovative scientists looking at new ways of harnessing the suns rays to provider green energy and products such as “The Life Saver Bottle” have been designed to clean polluted water, by pumping contaminated water after hurricanes and tsunamis turning polluted water into drinking water within seconds, saving thousands of lives.   Employers and business leaders understand how such innovations will change the world while making them billions of pounds. Communication and technology is the new in-demand job, employers will interview highly skilled job hunters and creativity and innovation will be a required skill without these some employees will find it hard to progress in the workplace.




Read the full article here: The importance of daydreaming for entrepreneurs 


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