Excuses for Time Off Work

Excuses for Time Off Work


Asking your boss for time off can be a tricky a situation. Employers hate to let you have more time off then the allocated 4 weeks a year, even though recent studies show that employees with a positive work/life perform better which can only increase profit. Most employees believe they need excuses for time of work, but an even better approach is using interview psychology.

There are 3 key reasons why employees don’t get time off work:



1. Asking when the boss is busy. Many employees are nervous when asking their boss for time and think it will be easier and quicker to ask their both while they are walking to a meeting and bothered by some other time consuming task. But when flustered your boss doesn’t want to have to think about re-arranging your schedule, informing HR, etc as they have other things on their mind, so they answer with a quick “no”

Always plan your timing and ask your boss for a 5 minute meeting, whenever they are next free. This way the meeting is about you – nothing else will get in the way.

2. Asking with no reason. Many people will just ask for the time off without giving a reason, in some cases this is because they don’t want to tell their boss that they need a break. But we respond more positive to people who give us a reason “can I take 2 weeks of next week because…” always back your request with a reason why, as
studies have shown that people are more like to reply positive to your request when heard with an explanation why.

3. Not Getting on with the boss. In employment, employers should follow equal opportunity laws, but often if your boss likes you, they are more willing to give you time off. To get the employer to like you, all you need to do is make time each day to ask how your boss is; ask about their family, weekend, anything really just to show you are interested in them. Do theme a favour; when buying yourself a coke, buy them a coke and say “I know your busy so I thought I’d get you this while I got myself one – you have to keep hydrated you know!” and smile, people like happy, smiley and positive people. Become a friendly and professional person and your boss will have an automatic associate liking to you.

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