How to Become a Comedian

How to Become a Comedian


Having a career as a comedian can be exciting, fun and financially rewarding with Comedians selling out stadiums, selling millions of DVDs and having the opportunity to makes thousands laugh.

To become a successful comedian follow this Six Steps


  • What comic style do you use? Think about your style and don’t try to copy others, are you loud or quite, straight or animated, do you tell stories or gags? Develop your own style of comedy that suits you


  • Study the Professionals. Watch as many other comedians that use your style of comedy and study what they do; what is their posture, voice tone, do they pause before punch lines, do they use props or facial expressions, where do they find content for their gags?  What do they do that would help you be a better comedian?


Comedy Confidence. Boost your confidence by practicing, practicing and practicing. Attend open mic nights and learn from your mistakes – every experience is an opportunity to improve your comic style. Attend “the funny thing about confidence” a confident boosting course.


  • Handling Hecklers. You won’t get as heckled as much as you think you will, to prepare for these rare occasions make a list of your faults, insecurities and failures. As these may be used against you, but now you know what the heckler will rudely shout out, you plan and prepare your quick responses.


  • Try New Material. Long lasting comedians continually try new jokes, material, outfits and delivery to see what works bets for them. Once you have your style continually look for new gags to tell, as people get bored hearing the same old jokes time and time again. 


  • Get There Fast. Get to the punch line fast, audiences can quickly change and become bored by long drawn-out setups.

Now you know how to become a successful comedian you need to start getting gigs, for many the first year or two for new comedians means gigging for free and attending many open mic nights, as you and your comic material develop comedy clubs will start requesting and paying you for your work. You can also sign up to a comedy management team who will secure you paid gigs.


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