How to get a Job in 2011

How to get a Job in 2011

2010 for many was seen as a bad year in terms of employment and careers, due to the recession, a rise in unemployment and increase in company redundancies. 2011 will be a new start for many, a new start means new opportunities, new opportunities means a positive change and a positive change means you will start feeling good about yourself.  

This article will show you how to get a job in 2011 in 3 easy steps; first you need to decide are you looking for a quick fix income or a new career or promotion?

Some industries have been on the downward spiral due to the recession but many others have come out of the recession with high profits, one of the secrets to job searching is knowing which companies in your industry are currently recruiting. There are jobs available in all industries, I agree it’s not about the amount of available positions it is about the amount of job interviews and job offers you secure.  


Pick a career you will be passionate about                             

First you need to choose your career or job – pick a role you enjoy doing, job hunters often follow the money, gain a well paid job only to quickly leave (or be sacked) several months later due to boredom and lack of job interest, this can lead to a downward spiral.  Once you find a job you are passionate about, you will enjoy your job duties, work hard and gain promotions and as you already know a new promotion means an increase in pay.

Write a list of the job criteria, activities and duties you enjoy:   

Example Job Activities

Your Job Activities

  • Working in a teamFollow procedures and rules
  • Seeing the end result from my work
  • Being well organised
  • Having a planned week
  • Giving advice to others
  • Travelling around the UK


Once you have a list of job criteria you can match these against company job specifications and positions, choosing a career that you will find interesting and enjoyable; a Careers Advisor can match your skills and qualities to a career and job roles

  • Draw a picture of the your dream career goal and hang this somewhere you will see it on a daily basis as images are powerful motivators.


Become an expert in this industry                                                      

Second, you need to become an Industry Expert – you need to show an employer that you understand the industry you are interested in, by showcasing your talent and knowledge (as the old saying go’s – knowledge is power) you are telling an employer you understand the job, you know the pitfalls and positives outcomes and will enjoy this line of work. An industry expert will be able to explain how they can increase productivity, profits and how they can solve industry/company problems; job searching in 2011 is about selling yourself – what can you offer the employer that others can not?

Be creative in your job searching                                               

Thirdly, be creative with your job searching, in 2011 you need to do more then just flick through a couple of job papers or job websites. Think about the industry you are applying for – you need to prove you have the talent needed for that industry, use this talent to job search:

  • If the industry is creative use a creative application, as an example for a media or advertisement position you could make a YouTube video instead of using a standard CV.
  • For Journalism; write a story that could be published and send it to various newspapers and magazines – evidence your talent for writing.
  • Use Social Media for Job Searching (social media job searching is on the rise) and check company websites as many companies to save cost only advertise on their own website. Create a professional Facebook page – showcase your talent and knowledge.
  • For professional job roles you will need to use a Targeted CV and Covering Letter.


It’s not about how many ideas and suggestions we give you here, it’s about what new creative ideas you can come up with to secure yourself a job interview.

Remember in times of high unemployment, employers have the advantage of picking the best and therefore you need employers to be interested in your application and you, what can you do to ensure employers remember your application?


The Three Steps:                                                          

  • Pick a career you will be passionate about – passionate people gain promotions
  • Become an expert in this industry – the more you understand about the industry the better you can prepare your application and interviews 
  • Be creative in your job searching – how can you showcase your talent?


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